How To Create a Winning Sales Culture with Employee Development and Good Coaching

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Create a Winning Sales Culture with Employee Development and Good Coaching

“As coaches, we equip people to be in touch with their best selves.”– Clyde Lowstuter,

A disciplined program for coaching is a key strategy to drive enhanced performance necessary for achieving and exceeding business growth goals on a consistent and reliable basis. When implemented properly, such a program ensures effectiveness, consistency and inspired execution.

Effective coaching brings out the best in employees, and is not just about imparting knowledge and helping them develop a skill-set (which is without a doubt extremely important); however, it’s much more encompassing. Instinctively, good coaches get to know people in such a way that they understand how to tap into unrealized human potential. In some cases, this is capacity or ability that perhaps the employee may not even know is within him/her. 

What I’m saying is that coaching is not just about teaching and cultivating skills. It’s much deeper and all encompassing. The kind of coaching I speak of also involves touching the heartsCoaching - Sales - Force of employees, thus laying the groundwork for inspired and significantly enhanced performance and execution.  

 Said differently, good coaches teach, guide and counsel but, more importantly, build special relationships. In other words these people not only teach but they get know individuals in such a way that they are able to put folks in touch with the best version of themselves.

And thus, here is a key takeaway for you:  You must demand that your sales managers not just be administrators that sit in their offices, analyze reports and give orders, but that they be actively engaged as reliable resources and coaches for their team members. When hiring and selecting your sales leaders this means, in addition to other key requirements for the job, you must find people that are passionate about helping others grow and develop. And, once you find these individuals, there must be a plan for their own ongoing development. That is, you must execute a plan for teaching them how to coach and help them to continue to hone those capabilities. It is critical that you, the business leader, will create the environment and provide resources and support to help sales managers do that.

Finally, you must inspect operations, on a regular basis (both planned and spontaneous), to ensure that employee development and coaching is a priority, and that it’s a meaningful, integral part of the sales management function. 

So, how do you find sales managers who are also good coaches? The fact is that in some cases you may find these kind of people through traditional recruiting and hiring processes, but in many cases you will need to develop them.  And, we can help you with both! With 20+ years of experience, we can help you with both selection and development of the right people for this key role in your business.

If you are interested in assistance, you may contact me at (281) 817-7391 or click on this link to schedule an appointment for a quick discussion as to how we can assist your business.

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